Life Balance Coaching Sydney

Reach Your Goal of Equilibrium as Quickly as Possible

The phrase ‘work/life balance’ is banded about frequently in workplaces and in popular media. We all want what is implied by the phrase i.e. enough time and energy to work and enjoy our personal lives as well.

The goal of life/work balance can be difficult to achieve and can lead to feelings of inadequacy or failure. It can be hard admitting that there is a problem between personal life satisfaction and work load stresses and priorities.

Life Balance Coaching: Prioritisation of Life Areas that Really Matter to You

My life balance coach philosophy is simple. I want to help you reach your goal of equilibrium as quickly as possible, using effective, proven strategies to make it happen.

In our ‘have it all’ culture we often spread ourselves too thinly in important areas of our lives. We literally become unbalanced in our lives as competing priorities and goals clash.

You may have lost sight of the things that used to make you happy in life. Life balance coaching can provide you with fresh insight and perspectives that will allow reprioritisation of life areas that really matter to you.

  • change the way you manage work and life responsibilities

  • develop time management skills

  • change unwanted behaviours

  • build support at home and at work

How Does the Life Balance Coaching Program Work?

Hi, I’m Julie Rice a Sydney Life Coach.

If you want to change the way you live your life and achieve your version of ‘balance’ then you need a step by step partner to help you investigate your major life areas and find out what you value most.

By addressing your true values you can remove blocks that are preventing you from enjoying a balanced and harmonious life.

Over 3 telephone/skype coaching sessions you will make important inroads into self discovery that lead to powerful life changing shifts that can only occur by re-evaluating the key areas of your life.

Reduce Stress, Stop Burnout and Discover Your Fullest Life

You can make simple but effective changes to your life that can help you overcome the obstacles that are stopping you finding balance and equilibrium.

We all feel overwhelmed sometimes by the challenges we face and it can be difficult to know what to do next or how to make change.

Finding the path forward is easier with a coach to support you and give you fresh perspectives.



Package $570: 3 x 60 mins sessions


3 High Impact Sessions

Evidence Backed Coaching

Powerful NLP Change Psychology

3 Sessions

Telephone/Skype from Anywhere

1 x Workbook

Life Balance Coaching Exercises, NLP Techniques, Productivity Time Management Skills