Self Discovery Coaching Program

Do you feel stuck or unsure of what direction you should take in life?

Do you have a goal in mind but need help to develop the strategy and make an action plan of how to get there? Are you “successful” but feel that there is something missing or not quite right?

I meet people from all walks of life on my Life Coaching Discovery Program. People come for all types of reasons – a lack of self confidence or self esteem could be holding them back, or sometimes a lack of focus and motivation are all that’s stopping people living their dream lives.

The Program is a 3.5 hour Face-to-Face Coaching Session focused on finding out what it is you want from life and how to personally develop into your dream life.

What Happens on the Coaching Self-Discovery Program?

The focus of the Discovery Program is on developing effective and powerful solutions so that you can move forward with purpose.

Together we will identify and work with your unique strengths and values and design your idea of your perfect life.

We will take on the limiting beliefs and unwanted behaviour patterns that are acting as a barrier to achieving your dream life.

You will get clarity, focus and an action plan so you can move forwards.

  • Explore your strengths and align to your values

  • BREAK DOWN limiting beliefs and UNWANTED behaviour patterns

  • Gain Deep Insight into your situation and how you can move beyond the obstacles to your dream life

  • Identify your passion and find out how to incorporate it into life and career

  • Navigate career or business changes

  • Create specific and measurable personal and professional goals

  • Leave with a strategy for change and growth

What to Expect from the Self-Discovery Coaching Program?

Hi, I’m Julie Rice – I am a Personal Development Coach and Master NLP Practioner based in Sydney CBD.

The Life Coaching Discovery Program is designed to help you to overcome any issues that are preventing you from achieving your full potential.

My coaching approach and the success of the program is characterised by collaboration and partnership with you.

As an NLP Coach I already know that you work perfectly as you are.

My principle belief about you is that –

  • You are not your behavior – you CAN change your behavior
  • You already have everything you need to achieve your goals – you just need the tools & strategy to unlock them
  • You are in charge of your mind – and therefore your life

Julie Rice PCC
Life Coach
Master NLP Practitioner
Clinical Hypnotherapist

Setting Better Goals

Making Better Decisions Eliminating Procrastination

Development of Personal Leadership Skills

QURE Coaching

Reaching Goals Faster

Improving Interpersonal Communication Skills

Improving Personal & Professional Relationships

Setting Better Goals

Making Better Decisions Eliminating Procrastination

Development of Personal Leadership Skills

Reaching Goals Faster

Improving Interpersonal Communication Skills

Improving Personal & Professional Relationships

What People are Saying

I was struggling to find a way forward in my life and career I just felt stuck with no idea even about the future I wanted. After working with Julie I found my path forward by connecting to what really matters most to me. Thank you Julie you have changed my life.

Leanne Gregson

How Does the Self-Discovery Coaching Program Work?

This 3.5 Hour face-to-face program acknowledges that long term change and transformation happens not just by changing behaviour patterns but most importantly by working on mindset and changing limiting beliefs.

The creation of a focused mindset is the key to long term success. My coaching practice incorporates powerful NLP techniques and exercises, evidence backed coaching methodology and the change psychology of NLP to make real change happen.

“Following your Dreams” can seem somewhat cliché and impossible at times due to modern life pressures.

But the empowering truth is that the excuses you make for yourself are the only thing stopping you from making your important life goals a reality.

Powerful NLP techniques and coaching can help you to break down these mental barriers that you have subconsciously created for yourself.

By harnessing NLP to change the way you perceive the world, you in turn adjust and adapt your behaviour to your new perception so that you can lead the life you love.

Together we will move you out of your comfort zones and breakdown any long held limiting beliefs and barriers to your success. So that you can lead the life you want.

3.5 Hours

Sydney CBD

NLP Coaching

1 x Behaviour Assessment Included



3.5 Hour Intensive Session


3.5 Hour High Impact Session

Evidence Backed Coaching

Powerful NLP Change Psychology

Sydney CBD Location

3.5 Hour Session

Face-to-Face, Sydney CBD

1 x Coaching Workbook

Discovery Coaching Exercises, NLP Techniques and Exercises

1 Assessment

One Behaviour & Cognition Assessment Included