Career Coaching Sydney

Do You Feel Truly Engaged with Your Work?

Does your job lack challenge and excitement? Do you feel like your true talents are going to waste because you lack a feeling of purpose?

Without understanding your unique strengths and having self-awareness of your core values it is difficult to grow in confidence and feel engaged and fulfilled in your work.

Career Coaching: Uncovering the Real You

Career-coaching is about uncovering the real you, identifying your strengths and passions and aligning to your values in order to find career direction.

I see people from all professions who suffer stress and anxiety due to their work. Some feel underappreciated, have dysfunctional work relationships or have feelings of overwhelm or ‘imposter syndrome’.

For all of these people the worry and lack of self-belief stem from not living according to their values and passions.

Career exploration and transition can happen as natural by-product of addressing the key areas of job and career: your core values, your natural strengths and your work-life preferences.

  • Clarify your career direction

  • Build your self-belief and confidence

  • Explore feelings such as unworthiness or ‘imposter syndrome’

  • Discover your unique strengths and aptitudes

  • Connect with the things you’re passionate about

  • Create greater meaning in your life

  • Rediscover your creativity, even if it has to be a side job for now

  • Transition into your own entrepreneurial career path

What can you expect from career coaching?

Hi, I’m Julie Rice a Personal Development Coach in Sydney.

My end goal as your career coach is to help you gain a clear vision of your work-life future with a strategic action plan of the steps needed to do what you want to do.

By gaining this clarity of your passion and core values, you can feel confident of your capabilities and be able to handle rapid change and progress.

I know that everyone has a unique situation and desired outcome –and whatever your working life challenges are, I tailor the program to you as an individual.


Julie Rice PCC
Life Coach
Master NLP Practitioner
Clinical Hypnotherapist

How Career Coaching Can Help

Building your confidence

Powerful NLP techniques: clear limiting beliefs and create a powerful resilient mental state, deal easily with change

Discovery of your true purpose

Clear understanding of your values, strengths, skills and motivation with optional Isometric testing and Profiling

Interpersonal Communication Skills

 Understanding your professional image: Communicate effectively and influence perceptions in the interview and negotiation phases

Who uses a career coach?

Career Coaching is for people who feel as though there is something missing in their working life satisfaction.

You could be a manager or just starting out in your career or you may be looking to transition from corporate life to your own business or you may be a small business owner who has lost passion or direction.

You are probably ‘successful’ in a traditional sense but feel that something isn’t quite right.



$570 package: 3 x 60 mins sessions


3 High Impact Sessions

Evidence Backed Coaching

Powerful NLP Change Psychology

3 Sessions

Telephone/Skype from Anywhere

1 x Workbook

Career Coaching Exercises, NLP Techniques, Interview Skills & Negotiation Skills

2 Assessments

Behaviour & Cognition Assessments Available (Optional)