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Life Coaching Programs in Sydney, Personal Coaching Packages (2019) | QURE

Life Coaching Programs and Packages

Kick-Start Coaching Session

This 90 minute coaching session is ideal as a starting point to discover life coaching or to laser focus into a specific area or issue.

This session is completely tailored for you and can cover all areas such as relationships, career, life vision & direction, confidence and personal impact.

It is about helping you get clear on any changes, break any barriers and provide the direction to create your dream life.

You leave the session with a clear strategy and an action plan to move forward.

Begin Your Journey of Self Discovery

Happiness happens when we are fulfilled, have positive relationships, and do the things that make us feel happy.

Happiness comes once you have removed the sources of friction or frustration in your life, when you have positive relationships, and have found your ideal career or your life’s purpose.

It is the natural result of getting clarity of and aligning to your core values — in other words by creating your ideal life.

Life Balance Coaching for Wellbeing and Happiness

Life coaching can help us to be healthier and happier – but what about when having a productive and successful career puts our lives out of balance?

You can turn feelings of overwhelm in to calm by making deliberate choices and decisions based on both life and career priorities.

Life and wellness coaching can help you to see new perspectives and make decisions that are aligned to how you want to live now, not how you lived before.

Career Coaching – For Discovering Passion and Direction

It is not easy to maintain a successful career when you feel stuck and are unsure of your true passion and direction.

Personal coaching can help you discover what you really want and build your self confidence to get you there.

Through developing self awareness of your unique strengths and passions you can discover direction that will lead to greater fulfilment and engagement.

Hi, I’m Julie Rice a Sydney Life Coach.

You can reach your deepest potential with coaching. The QURE coaching programs are designed to help you QUestion REality and reach your full potential in all life areas: improving confidence, helping you find life-balance, developing your communication and interpersonal skills, enhancing your relationships and finding passion and direction.

Everything that I have learned from working with people to make positive changes in their lives is incorporated into my one-of-a-kind life coaching programs.

I have been in Sydney CBD since 2005, during that time I have spent over 7,000 hours working one-on-one with thousands of people and learning what really works.

My long experience of helping people make lasting change in their lives is distilled into my one-on-one life coaching programs, that are individually tailored to you and draw on structured, evidence based coaching methodology combined with the powerful change psychology of neuro linguistic programming (NLP).

  • Explore Your Unique Strengths & Align to Your Core Personal Values

  • Build Self Belief & Confidence

  • Create Life Balance & Wellbeing

  • Break Down Limiting Beliefs & Unwanted Patterns of Behaviour

  • Improve Relationships

  • Identify Your Passion & Direction