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Life Coach Sydney - Coaching in Sydney to Make (Real) Change Happen | QURE

Coaching to Get Things Out of Your Head & into Action

Life Coach Sydney – Make Change Happen

Hi, I’m Julie Rice a Life Coach in Sydney, Australia.

Ask yourself:

Are your burning desires truly worth going after and doing something about?

Are you really ready to make a big change in your life?

Are you tired of feeling stuck?

If you’re ready to move forwards and want help to reach your goals then life coaching can help.

I specialise in helping people to overcome obstacles and make the changes and transformations they need to fulfil their deepest potential.

NLP change psychology and the evidence based knowledge of how we develop habits and patterns of behaviour are distilled into one of a kind coaching programs that are designed to help you to make the changes you want to your life.

I invite you to QUestion REality with QURE Life Coaching.


Julie Rice
Life Coach
Master NLP Practitioner
Clinical Hypnotherapist

Do You feel Like You are Achieving Your Deepest Potential?

Get Personal Coaching Support

People that work with me feel like they have lost direction, feel stuck, struggle with life balance or feel unsure about how to achieve career and life goals.

Nearly all of my coaching clients face challenges – not because they aren’t smart or talented and special – but rather because their patterns of behaviour, their limiting beliefs and mindset are preventing them from seeing and truly believing in their full potential.

At a conscious or subconscious level they are the saboteurs of their goals, happiness and success.

My focus is on helping you make better goals and reach them more quickly.

I’m here to support you in reaching your biggest goals and objectives in life.

Is Coaching Right for You?

Working with a life coach can help you if …

You Feel Stuck or Blocked

Get over the mental or emotional blocks that are keeping you stuck in the same place and start moving in the right direction to accomplish your goals.

You’re Unsure of Your Next Step

If you have a feeling of uncertainty – or feel as though you are lost and don’t know where to go or what to do next – then this is your opportunity to find purpose and direction.

You Want to Make Some Changes

You can grow, gain confidence and find happiness with a life coach. Start making positive changes in your life – stop feeling like something is missing and start getting things done.

Choose a Life Coach that is Right for You

Finding the coach with the skills and experience you need: Get Personal Support from an ICF Certified Coach and Master NLP Practitioner

When it comes to finding a Life Coach, Sydney has many of the best coaches. So having clear expectations and a clear understanding of what life coaching is and your coach’s credentials, experience and specialties are all key to a successful partnership.

At my life coaching practice in Sydney CBD I help people from all walks of life find direction and purpose and define and implement effective strategies to reach their highest intentioned goals.

Why Choose Me as Your Sydney Life Coach?

As an ICF PCC Credentialed Coach, NLP Master and Clinical Hypnotherapist I am very well placed to provide the coaching support you need to make the breakthroughs you want in your life.

Discover how you can grow with life coaching programs that bring together evidence based coaching and Neuro Linguistic Programming.

My personal coaching clients can expect to notice shifts and pattern changes happen very quickly, the people I work with can achieve rapid positive outcomes. Organise a free consultation with me to discuss how coaching can help you live your optimum life.

  • ICF Professional Certified Coach

  • Master NLP Practitioner

  • Clinical Hypnotherapist

Set up a time for a free consultation here – let me call you and answer your questions

Accreditations and Professional Memberships

What People are Saying

My coaching sessions with Julie were both insightful and liberating.
Her gentle approach and use of fascinating NLP tools helped me to uncover the things in my life that had been really holding me back from reaching out for the things I value most and desire most.
I have a new found confidence after our coaching sessions. Julie made me feel like I was chatting with a close friend. I felt accepted and listened to in a safe and non-judgemental way.
She offered me great insights and clever tools to implement into my life. I recommend Julie for coaching through any areas you feel stuck or unhappy in. Thank you Julie! I’m so grateful to have met you!

K Wiseman

Julie is a very empathetic coach, you always feel as though she has your back. Her intuitive approach has helped me to completely redesign my career.
Her insight is remarkable and her gentle approach allowed me to grow on my own terms in a way that was best for me. Thank you Julie.

J Adams

I came to Julie for some reprogramming around my trepidation of public speaking. That inner conflict between knowing you have something to offer, yet the thought of being in front of a group fills you with dread. After a short brief, Julie immediately tuned into both my fears and potentials.
Julie creates a space of calm and trust in which a kind of magic takes place. Within just 3 sessions, Julie guided me through some deep-seated patterns to a place of inner peace and resilience. I no longer having anything to prove. I feel empowered and confident around this upcoming role. I would even go as far as to say, I’m looking forward to the experience.Julie is highly skilled and an expert in her field. Her relaxed manner combined with her deep intuitive skills, creates an environment for transformation to take place. I would recommend Julie to anyone wanting to experience a greater version of themselves through profound change.

Elaine V

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